Let's Get Bored

Let's Get Bored

Let’s Get Bored


Did you know that our society is less creative now than any time in history? … because we are not bored.  We are too entertained and consumed by digital media that our minds are not allowed to wander. I read a few articles and summarized it for you.


What breeds creativity?  Studies since the 1950s suggest that the key to creativity is allowing your mind to wander. When we are on our digital devices for an average of 11 hours a day, (yes, this is an actual statistic) we do not we have time to allow our minds to wander, or to be bored.  Mind-wandering is a state where our mind rests, restores, and rebuilds. It is a time when we create new solutions and see creative connections that better our lives and relationships. 


As a parent, when I would hear the dreaded phrase, ”I’m bored.”  My heart would sink because I had to provide something quick to help redirect my children.  But I quickly realized that when I provided a solution- such as “go clean the bathroom,” my kids were quick to problem solve and find something creative to do!  It never failed. The most elaborate toy village was created in our living room, the most creative games were constructed and the deepest of friendships were developed.


Kids are a wealth of creativity, but unfortunately, their boredom is now quickly relieved with screen time ranging from Tik Tok reels and video games, to mindless internet surfing and movie streaming.  Their minds are not allowed to wander and are not given the opportunity to grow and become productive members of society.  Our kids have the power and the answers to many of our world’s problems, but we must allow them to embrace boredom.  It will free them to be okay with silence and to be secure in solitude.  The discomfort of boredom will allow them to develop fully and contribute to themselves and the rest of the world. 


Let’s get bored!


What are some creative things that your child has come up with when bored?  Please share with this community!




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