About Us

Welcome to House in a Bottle!  I’m so happy that you decided to stop by.  Never in a million years did I want to homeschool our children.  Yet, due to circumstances, that was the only option for our family.  The first year was awful.  I cried. They cried.  We cried together until we found our joy and rhythm in homeschooling. I discovered that homeschooling was so much more than academics.  It was about experience, life skills, discovering their talents and passion, mentorship and character development to name a few.


Our kids were always trying to figure out how to make money and were incredibly creative in reaching their goal.  As soon as they realized there was money to be had, they were always brainstorming for ways to make money.  They never ceased to amaze me!  From selling a wedding garter (Yup, my son did that!), to table centerpieces, to sculptures, to mint leaves, to chocolate, to art and the list goes on.


Here is the thing, our kids are containers of unlimited creativity.  When they are allowed to be creative and we nurtured their creativity they grow up to become problem-solvers, with self-esteem that feeds their confidence and leadership, among many other wonderful strengths.


That is how House in a Bottle, LLC was born. I wanted to create an experience for parents and their children to work on a project that taught children how to engage with the real world and not be lost in their electronic devices.  House in a Bottle is here to serve families that focus on creativity, connection with each other, and teaching the importance of dreaming. 


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